For centuries, the temporary body art form known as Mehndi has been seen around the world as a blessing, believed to bring the wearer happiness and wealth. And who better to be blessed than a bride-to-be? What’s more, these age-old beauty practices have recently received a sparkling update. Now accented with shimmering crystals and jewels, the modern mehndi trend, known as Glitter Mehndi, is drawing the attention of fashion-forward celebs like Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Hilary Duff. Major fashion houses like Chanel and Giambattista Valli even sent their models down the spring runways, adorned with glittering body art accents on their brows, lashes and skin. That’s right, mehndi is no longer just a blessing — it’s now a fashion statement too.


A bachelorette weekend or night is the perfect time to test this coveted runway look in real life. One rule of thumb to keep in mind: less is more. When it comes to sporting temporary body art, keep the look modern by keeping the accents to just one area of your body.

Here are three modern mehndi looks to try at your next bachelorette party:

1. Bindi jewels: Bright, bold eyeliner colors are all the rage this summer, so why not give that modern smokey eye, an exotic boost with a jeweled or beaded bindi? These enchanting accents are certain to capture the light on the dance floor, as well as the attention of everyone around. Bindis are also fun to wear on unexpected areas of the body, like on the wrists or fingers.


2. A single sparkling body art piece. Contemplating how to liven up your wardrobe for your bachelorette party? Try wrapping your arm with dazzling body art pieces to create the illusion of a one-of-a-kind bracelet or cuff. Already have a bracelet? Try adorning a shoulder or the base of the back to set off that low draped dress or halter top. Or give your favorite pair of heels an update by wrapping a self-adhering body art piece around the ankle, to create a sparkling accent.

3. Embellished mehndi. If you are a fan of the whimsical and intricate designs of traditional mehndi, which usually adorn the palms of hands, you can give your look an eye-catching edge with the help of a single jewel. A flowering vine design on the hands and feet (a traditional symbol of devotion and enlightenment), with a few subtle jeweled accents, adds a fun update to a traditional look.

Those crazy outfits, throw-away veils and sashes are a dime a dozen. Instead of looking like every other bride-to-be in the club, stand out and shine like the star you are. No matter which glitter mehndi design you choose, you can be sure to dazzle the crowd.

Have Fun!
Sumita Batra

Originally Posted On: Huffpost