3 Simple Ways to Brow Perfection

3 Simple Ways to Brow Perfection
With a full schedule and an already complicated makeup routine, taking care of your brows can seem like a chore and will often result in them getting neglected. We get it, brows seem like the least important part of your makeup routine BUT it turns out they’re actually the most important. Your brows can shape your face and change the way the rest of your makeup looks. Often times, filling-in your brows can actually minimize the amount of other makeup you apply because when the brows are done, they instantly lift your face and bring all the attention to the eyes. We realized this a while ago and knew that if we could perfect our brow routine – we would save so much time getting ready and not feel the need to invest in a ton of other makeup. So, what did we do? Well apart from creating our bestselling Brow Crayon, we developed 3 new products for the brows that can also be used in a multitude of other ways. Keep reading to find out more!

Ziba’s 3 ways to Brow Perfection

The Conceal Light – Customizable flawlessness is in your hands with this concealer pencil.

Ziba Beauty Conceal Light Pencil
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This pencil can be used to:
Add a matte highlight to the brow bone.
Contour the area around the brows to give them an even more perfected look.
Conceal stray hairs between threading appointments.
Conceal blemishes on areas of the face.
Prime eyelids before applying eyeshadow.
As a simple eyeshadow on-the-go.

The Hi-Lite Pearl – Give light and lift! The creamy formula blends flawlessly for a luminous, refreshed finish, wherever you choose to use it.

Ziba Beauty Highlight Pencil
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This pencil can be used to:
Highlight the brow bone.
Accentuate the inner corner of the eyes.
Highlight the cupid’s bow and nose.
As an eyeshadow on its own or, over a matte eyeshadow.

The Finish Wax – This unique wax formula sets brows easily and provides a flexible all-day hold without any flaking.

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This pencil can be used to:
Set brow hairs for all hair color types.
Keep brows in place after they have been filled in with the Brow Crayon or Brow Powder.
Groom brows when you don’t want to fill-in the brows with color.

There you have it! The only three products you need to finish your brows to perfection… and more. By incorporating these three brow pencils into your routine, you’ll streamline your morning schedule while still looking flawless. Let us know if you use these pencils in any other ways, we’d love to learn!
Take Care,
Ziba Beauty xo