4 Waxing Skincare Tips

4 Waxing Skincare Tips

With Ziba Beauty’s amazing waxing package offers in full swing, we wanted to give you some tips on caring for your skin before your appointment.

Right now, you can save money on a combination of hair removal treatments including full leg, arm and bikini waxes, chin and upper lip threading, eyebrow shaping and underarm waxing.

Here are some pointers of how to look after your precious skin before you come to see us.

1. How long?

We know you’re super excited to get rid of that excess hair, but make sure its not too long and not too short! It needs to be just right! Typically, two to three weeks’ growth (about a quarter of an inch) is best for underarm, leg, arm and bikini hair.

2. Check your skin
Check your skin thoroughly before visiting us for your waxing appointment. Ensure there is no broken skin, lesions or rash on the area or areas you want waxed. All broken skin should be fully healed before a waxing appointment. Point out any moles or beauty spots to Ziba Beauty Artist prior to wax being applied.

3. Exfoliate gently
Gentle exfoliation in the days before your appointment is great to get rid of those dead skin cells and helps prevent ingrowing hair, but remember don’t get too rough. Your skin is precious and should be treated just right. A good scrub with a washcloth will do the trick.

4. Be wax ready
On the day of your appointment, don’t exfoliate and avoid moisturizing so that your skin is clean, dry and ready to go. We’ll take care of the rest!