5 Eye Makeup Looks We’re Loving for New Years Eve

5 Eye Makeup Looks We’re Loving for New Years Eve
Whether you’re planning to go glam and go out, or having a get-together with your family and friends or even staying at home to watch the ball drop – NYE is the perfect time to spice up your eye makeup and try something new. The saying goes, ‘how you start your New Year, is how you spend the rest of the year’… or something of that sort – so why not bring in 2019 by creating a look you haven’t tried before and making it a year of firsts, trying new stuff and valuing experiences over things!
Here are 5 eye makeup looks that are perfect to wear on NYE! We’d love to try out any of these and hope these looks inspire you to try something new.

#1 The Electric Blue

The color blue is currently flooding our Pinterest feed and we couldn’t be more obsessed. Whether it’s blue eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara, adding a pop of color to your eyes is a sure-fire way to enhance your makeup look. Blue also complements your natural eye color to make it stand out more.

#2 The Smokey Eye

Let’s be honest, you can’t really go wrong with a smokey eye – especially for a night out on the town. This eye look however, is that little bit extra with a full-lid smokey eye AND a lot of glitter that goes right on top. It’s classy with a bang and an absolute yes from us to try on NYE.

#3 Go Glitter

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about NYE is all things sparkly. The glittery lid look is probably one of the easiest to achieve on this list, especially if you’re not totally confident doing your eye makeup or are short on time! You don’t even need fancy makeup brushes for this look – just pick your favorite sparkly eyeshadow and use your finger to apply all over the lid. Be a GO GLITTER this NYE.

#4 Eyeliner Only

No eye makeup? No problem! There’s no need to spend money buying a ton of eyeshadow palettes just for one night. Instead, all you need is a black liquid eyeliner of your choice (there are a ton of amazing drugstore options), to create stunning dimension for your eyes. There are so many versions of this eye-look but this has got to be one of our favorites. Pro Tip: If you’re nervous about getting those curves and flicks right, use a spoon to help guide your hand!

#5 Metals

Speaking of eyeliner – the most awesome part about this product is that most brands make it in a spectrum of colors and finishes. Our recommendation? The metallic finish! If you’re hesitant about the artsy eyeliner we just talked about and still want to skip the eyeshadow – then this is the look for you. You’ll be shining your way into 2019 and then there’s just no stopping you!

There you have it Ziba Fam! 5 eye makeup looks to rock this NYE, no matter what your plans are. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board for other eye looks that might be right up your alley.
Hope you all have a safe, happy and fun New Years!
Take Care,
Ziba Beauty xo