6 Winter Skin Remedies You Need To Start ASAP

6 Winter Skin Remedies You Need To Start ASAP
Winter is here… and it’s no surprise that the colder weather can affect your skin (and not in a good way). We’re here to tell you that it’s time to change-up your self-care routine, to prevent the cold from drying out your skin. Dry skin is not only painful but it can also affect your makeup application, cause itchiness and dull the natural glow of your face. Don’t worry, we have good news! Below are 6 easy and effective remedies for preventing the cold from winning this season and keeping your body and skin’s hydration, on point!

#1 Moisturize While Damp

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Lotions and creams are made to lock-in any moisture on your skin. So it’s only fitting that the best time to moisturize is when you’re fresh out the shower or bath and your skin is the most wet. We know that most people don’t like moisturizing their body in general but we highly recommend it, at least during the winter months. Your body will thank you when it’s not feeling dry, stretched and itchy. P.S. Applying moisturizer is a lot easier and faster to do, when the skin is wet.

#2 Invest in a Humidifier

Winter Skin Remedy Tips

One of the things that comes with winter, is dry air. The dry air is what dries out your skin, especially in your bedroom where you spend (at least) 8 hours a night. Our tip is to invest in a humidifier that you can use during winters. A cool air humidifier is a must because it increases the moisture level in the air. We recommend putting it in the place that you spend the most time, in order to maximize the amount of water your skin is getting from the air. Also, try avoiding putting on the heat because this only makes the air dryer. Instead, wrap up in some warm clothes and use lots of blankets!

#3 Increase daily intake of good fats

Good fats for your body

YES, there is such a thing as good fats and don’t let Social Media tell you otherwise. How do good fats help your skin? Your skin’s health is affected by everything, even what you eat and good fats are so rich, that they can help with dry skin. Try adding foods such as avocados and walnuts to your diet, as supplemental remedies for winter skin and cook with olive oil as well. Remember though, increasing your intake of fats is a great way to help with dry skin but it does not mean you should skip a proper skincare routine!

#4 Exfoliate

Try to exfoliate your skin at least once a week during winter. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, to reveal freshly buffed skin that can be better penetrated by products. So now, all the goodness from the moisturizers you’re applying, will sink in properly and you’ll be getting the most value out of your products.

#5 Switch to Creams

The easiest and most overlooked way to help your dry skin during winter, is to switch up your lotion for a cream. Most people try to apply more lotion in order to counteract the dryness of their skin. However, an even better and easier solution is to switch to something heavier, like a cream, which is a lot thicker and therefore more moisturizing and hydrating (so you can use less of it).

#6 Drink Water

You read that right. We did just say you should drink water for the millionth time and we probably won’t ever stop saying it. The benefits of drinking more water, are tenfold and in the case of winter skin, it’s a MUST. Drinking water is good for you and ESPECIALLY good for anyone with severely hydrated skin. Although there is no scientific study as to how water helps normal skin types, drinking water definitely won’t make it worse and will always help those with dry skin or, those at risk of getting drier skin in the winter months.

There you go! Our 6 winter skin remedies to incorporate into your lifestyle asap. Let us know if these work for you and if you have any other suggestions. We’d also love to know if any of you make your own exfoliators and what goes in them!
Take Care,
Ziba Beauty xo


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