If Paris Fashion week is any indicator – bold, beautiful statement brows are the “IT” accessory of the year! Eyebrows are poised to be the hottest trend in makeup, framing the face and accentuating the look of timeless, natural beauty.

So, how do you acheive and maintain statement brows?

First, statement brows are all about the right shape.  Thicker, natural-looking brows give a more youthful appearance to the face, so resist any temptation to go thin with your eyebrows.  If you have overshaped your brows, allow them to fill in for 2-3 weeks, and then reshape to a fuller appearance.   You also want to ensure you have a smooth, uniform, arching brow.  Whether its a rounded brow best for square faces, or a more angled brow to compliment a round or oval face, the idea is thickness that gently tapers towards the tail of the brow.

Once you have achieved the ideal shape, a great brow finish is the key to maintaining a statement brow.

Here are our top 3 recommendations from the brow artists at Ziba Beauty:

  1. Groom: Unruly brows happen, and just like the hair on your head, brow hair can be tamed too!  We recommend the Multi Task Brush as the ideal grooming tool.  Separate brow hair with the comb, groom your brows into place with the bristle brush, and blend brow powders or pencils with the angled tip brush.Groom: Unruly
  2. Define:  If you have naturally thin brow,  choose The Brow Trio to create a natural brow.  Brow powder paints the skin behind the brow, so it adds an instant dimension that is still natural looking.  If you are looking to fill in or correct your brow, The Brow Crayon may be your best choice to create fine, hairlike strokes that mimic your natural brow.  We love both by our Ziba Signature Collection.
  3. Hold: Once you have groomed and defined your brows, to keep them in place all day, you need hold. 
    The Finish Wax is a soft wax pencil that keeps brows in place all day without being sticky or stiff. Hold

These three easy steps will gaurantee statement brows that stop traffic.