So your boyfriend is the prince of England, you star in a hit show and you’ve made a couple of awesome films. Could life get any better?

Definitely…..especially when Ziba Beauty crown you December’s Eyebrow Crush of the month. Meghan Markle not only are you a princess in the making, but you’re the queen of the natural eyebrow arch. We salute you and those gorgeous brows. Meghan has always stood out in the lawyer drama Suits, but in the last few months she’s become a globally recognized name having stolen the heart of cheeky Prince Harry. Depicting the strong female character Rachel Zane on our screens, Ms Markle is way way more than just a pretty face. She’s someone worthy of admiration as a new advocate to UN woman and an accomplished editor of lifestyle website Her not-so-secret relationship with the red-haired prince set tongues wagging earlier this year, but its her natural elegance, simple look and amazing body that set her apart from the typical princess in waiting. Meghan’s naturally arched brows are the perfect compliment to her oval shaped face. Her brows look elegant and untouched – but we all know a lot of work goes into looking that flawless.


So how do we get some of that Markle Magic? Meghan is a great example of making the absolute best of your natural features and has often spoken about staying away from too much makeup when not on set. With eyebrows like hers, there’s no need for excessive shaping or coloring in as they are the perfect frame for her big brown eyes. Meghan’s day-to-day make up look includes moisturizer, concealer and a dab of highlighter. She tends to go for a natural lip color and her amazing hair flows in soft waves around her face. Is it any wonder she’s bagged herself a prince? But this isn’t someone who needs a knight in shining armor or a prince charming as her talents have proved her to be a woman worthy of attention and an eyebrow queen all on her own.

On your next visit to Ziba Beauty, ask any of our artists how to get that arch just right. It might require some patience and a few weeks of growth but we’ll have you as close to Meghan as we can get.