This summer, the look of liner is heating up with the temperatures! The colors are bold and your imagination is the limit when it comes to eyeliner trends. Regardless of the look you want to rock, it’s always good to start with the basics. And for eyes, it’s how to maximize the beauty of your eyes based on their shape.

Here are a few tips to try:

1. Round Eyes

Zoey Deschanel’s round eyes are a stunning feature. Though her look is often mod-inspired, to get the most out of a round eye shape, it’s best to accentuate the outside corner of your lash line to make your eyes appear longer. Starting with the upper lash line, draw a thin line from the inner corner that becomes thicker as you approach the outer corner of the eye. To get her look, line and smudge the lower lash line, again focusing the color towards the outer corner of the eye, to lengthen the appearance of the eye.

photo credit:  sylonica.com

2. Hooded Eyes

Blake Lively calls the best attention to her eyes with heavier liner on top, and lighter eyeliner on the bottom. To get her look, tilt your head back for an easier angle while looking in the mirror and line the upper lashes fully. For hooded eyes, though the upper lashes are enhanced, the lashes are also a key accessory. The longer the better!

photo credit: wallerz.com

3. Close Set Eyes

For eyes that sit closely together, you want to apply makeup in a way that makes the eyes appear longer and farther apart. To achieve this, it’s all about adding color to the outer half of the lashes. Look directly into a mirror, and starting from the center of your pupil, line the lash line in an increasingly thicker line towards the outer corner of the eye.

photo credit:  disney-wikia.com

4. Wide Set Eyes

Think color first, for this beautiful eye shape. Brown, bronze and neutrals are excellent choices. Apply eyeliner to the top and bottom lash lines and blend. Avoid extending the line past the outer corner, to keep eyes more balanced and closer set.

photo credit:  dailyhilt.com

Have any tips you would like to share on eye shape?  We would love to know!