Eyebrow Crush

Eyebrow Crush

The perfectly rounded eyebrow is an elusive creature. Very few can pull it off, very few have it down to perfection. Very few that is apart from Ziba Beauty’s first eyebrow crush of 2017: the stunning Gigi Hadid – model, blonde, beauty and general stunner.

When she’s not gracing the red carpet or pouting on Instagram, Gigi and her gorgeous eyebrows can be spotted with her equally good looking siblings. Her and sister Bella Hadid are currently two of the hottest names on the fashion scene.

With former One Direction member Zayn Malik by her side, Gigi is one to watch as her modelling career goes from strength to strength and her eyebrow game keeps us all open-mouthed with envy.

Gigi has a natural and mostly untouched eyebrow shape. Great if you’re a super model but not so easy to achieve when you have unruly brows and need a helping hand every few weeks.


A rounded eyebrow shape is great for those of us with round or heart-shaped faces.

The Gigi look will take a bit of time to achieve and you may need to grow your current shape out first. Our artists can help you through this growth period by keeping your brows neat and getting rid of any stray hairs.

If you already have a rounded brow shape, avoid pencilling in too much as Gigi’s eyebrow look needs the natural touch. Strong lines are fine for the super arched brow, but not when creating a softer rounded effect.

A high brow arch will compliment a round face, giving a mini facelift effect. The arch will help open up your eyes and draw more attention to the rest of your features.

If you need some tips about what brow shape best suits your face, come in and see us. As the Brow Authority we love to help clients find the best eyebrow shape for their face. Let our artists improve your eyebrow game.