What is eyebrow threading?

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that uses a cotton blend thread to remove hair from the follicle. Ziba 7 twist technique, gives the artist the most control & precision to grab the hair and remove it from the root. Threading has been around for centuries – Did you know Cleopatra was believed to remove hair from her face and body with thread. Ziba Beauty was the first to take the street art of threading, and introduce the Art of Threading to the modern world. When it comes to shaping brows:

  1. Threading is the most precise form of hair removal, the BEST method for shaping brows
  2. Its gentle, ideal for sensitive skin
  3. Removes hair from the follicle for lasting results

Why is Ziba Beauty the Best Place to get my threading services done?

We don’t just clean and arch your eyebrows! Ziba Beauty designed a proprietary 4 step regimen that promises each client receive an unparalleled service, superior artistry, and the highest sterilization and sanitization standards.

Is threading painful?

Dependent on the artist, and or the time of the month, and your tolerance, threading feels like tweezing/removing multiple hairs at once.

What areas of the body can be threaded?

Any part of the Body that has hair can be threaded, however- At Ziba we only do threading on the face and brows.

Is threading better than waxing?

Threading is better for the face than waxing because it is a mild exfoliation of the skin rather than ripping off the top layer of the epidermis. Most people do not break out after threading like they do after waxing.

What is the main benefit of threading?

With threading the hair grows back softer and thinner. The service is fast, and leaves no oily residue, rashes or discoloration over time.

How long does threading last?

Threading last longer than waxing because the thread pulls out all the hair on the surface of the skin from the root. Most people get threaded every two weeks just to keep their look groomed and free of hair, but you can get threaded once a month and stay groomed as well.

If I get my full face threaded, will it grow back darker?

No, not unless you have a hormonal problem or issue. Most full face clients state that their hair grows back thinner and softer over time. They love the smooth feeling of having a flawless surface to apply their makeup. If you are a first timer to full face threading, we recommend a patch test and starting with your brows and upper lip. Slowly adding the rest of the face is better to prevent breakouts.

Is it okay to get threaded if you have sensitive skin?

Threading is the mildest hair removal technique. It does not use harsh chemicals and is a mild exfoliant. If you have sensitive skin, patch test and make sure you do not react to the threading. Most of our sensitive skin clients love threading.

Where can I go for threading?

Ziba Beauty has 12 Studios in Southern California and 1 in Northern California. We are the creators of the Threading Category and shape over one million brows a year out of our 13 studios. We have been in business for over 30 years and are the respected experts and global leaders in The Art of Threading eyebrows.

Are there any rules that you always adhere to (and advise clients) when tweezing at home in-between appointments?

We advise to try and stay away from tweezing. With threading, you are able to remove hair as soon as it clears the skin, so the brows can always look neat and clean with regular threading appts. This is an advantage over waxing, as the hair must be a certain length to adhere to the wax to be removed. And, if you must tweeze, tweeze only the random hairs growing outside of the brow line – do not try to shape or reshape your brows with tweezers, it is very easy to ruin the shape of a brow just by removing a single wrong hair!

Is there a uniform shape that suits everyone?

We often have clients who come in with a magazine and ask for that style brow. To us, there is not one uniform shape that suits all. We have identified 6 face shapes, and each face has a best brow. Part of our service to identify your face shape, measure your brows and provide to you the absolute best brow for your particular face. As an example, for a square face shape that tends to be very angular, a soft, rounded brow is ideal, as it softens the features.

Why are groomed brows so important?

The brows frame the face, and are part of your eye area. A well groomed brow will compliment the face shape, open the eye area and give a clean, well kept appearance. Poorly shaped, unkempt brows do nothing to compliment or frame the face.

What are your best tricks for plucking at home? Good lighting, sharp tweezers, stencils? Are two mirrors better? One magnifying for close up detail and a normal one so you can see the overall effect etc…

At Ziba, we believe tweezing is not an ideal method of hair removal for shaping brows. However, for easy maintenance between professional shaping visits, when tweezing stray hairs outside the brow line, for sure, a slanted-tip tweezer is ideal. I would recommend tweezerman brand. Good lighting, and a magnifying mirror are also very helpful to identify stray hair for removal.

Who are your brow ‘heroines’ and why?

We love a naturally fuller, well shaped brow. Some of my favorites today are: for a thick, full, youthful brow, Cara Delevigne. Beyonce’s brows are always well shaped and beautifully maintained, as are Angelina Jolie’s, which for both women- make up or no make up- their brows add to their beauty, poise and expression. We have always admired Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra for their exceptionally well shaped Bollywood brows.

If eyebrows have been over plucked what’s the best course of action? Are you fan of the eyebrow serums that promote growth?

If eyebrows have been over-plucked – the best course of action is to let them grow. You can give the illusion of a fuller brow with brow products from our Ziba Cosmetics Signature Collection, while your brows grow back in. An overly thinned brow can age the face, and gives the wearer a “dated” look (think 1930’s and 1990’s). Eyebrow Serums are very popular, and have cited results after 6-8 weeks of continuous use. There is not a specific brand I would recommend, rather, I would advise you consult with a professional, as each formula may have a unique appeal for you.

Why do we have eyebrows? What purpose do they serve?

They’re intended to help us see. The real purpose of our brows is to keep sweat and moistness out of our eyes. The rounded shape helps move liquid to the side of our faces, keeping our eyes clear.

What is the Average lifespan of a Brows?

From the time it takes for each hair to fall out and new growth to come in is four months.

Does waxing hurt?

The amount of discomfort experienced when waxing depends on the individual. After regular waxing the discomfort lessens because the hair follicle becomes weaker. However, if you are new to waxing you may experience more discomfort.

What is better: waxing, threading or plucking?

Threading best for your facial hair removal needs. Waxing is best for your Body hair removal requirements. We, at Ziba, are not huge Tweezer fans.

Does my skin get ripped off from eyebrow waxing?

Waxing removes the first layer of dead skin on the body. It does not rip off the skin.

How often do I need to get waxed?

Most clients get waxed every two to three weeks.

Is there skin redness/irritation?

There is mild redness and irritation of the waxed area that we soothe with our proprietary wipes post the service.

Can I do this myself?

Yes, but we recommend you seek a professional at Ziba Beauty for a clean, hygienic and smooth finish.

How long does it take?

Waxing at Ziba Beauty is a swift and clean service. Our clients love coming to us for all their waxing needs due to the expertise and experience of our team members.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary, please check our Service menu or click HERE

Would getting my eyebrows waxed get them shaped?

Yes, we can shape your brows at Ziba Beauty with the use of wax strips. We highly recommend Threading your brows, but our artists are certified at The Ziba Academy and our licensed artists can also was brows.

Where is the best place to go?

Ziba Beauty has 12 Studios in Southern California and 1 in Northern California.

Ziba Beauty is committed to delivering an authentic lifestyle beauty brand that specializes in hair removal (rising from eastern beauty rituals). Over the years, our clients came to us for threading and wanted a one stop shop for their hair removal needs. So, we developed our own luxurious waxing service with a focus on three important areas; Hygiene, Quality, and Speed. These three key areas of focus provide our clients with superior service, age old recipes, and most importantly, our experienced artistry. After experiencing our waxing, you’ll discover why our clients believe our waxing is considered a world-class service.

What is waxing & how does it work?

Waxing is a popular hair removal technique where hair is removed from the roots for longer lasting results. At Ziba Beauty, Natural, water based Wax is applied to the skin, and then we apply a cotton Muslin cloth on the wax to pull the wax and the hair out of the follicle leaving your skin hair free.

How long does one have to wait before getting waxed?

We suggest that you let the growth be approximately ¼ inch so the wax can grab the hair.

What’s the difference between a bikini line, bikini full and bikini Brazilian wax?

Bikini line; When you wear a bikini, this type of wax prevents any hairs from “peeking out” of your Panty/Bikini Line. This is a basic tidy; we wax the sides and a straight line across the top.

A Brazilian Wax will take care of all hair down there – except a landing strip.

A Full Bikini is the next step and allows you to take off as much as you like off your entire pubic area.

How old do you have to be to get waxed?

Any Age that feel comfortable for you. Minors under 16, require parental approval at Ziba Beauty.

How long does waxing keep my skin hair free?

Waxing can keep your skin hair free from 3 to 5 weeks; however, results can vary with each person due to hair growth cycles.

How do I prepare my skin before waxing?

Area to be treated must be clean, dry and free from any oils and creams.


All of our 14 studios, which closed on March 13th, will remain closed until further notice. We are a 33-year-old-run small business, and our Ziba team and community are always the leading factors in our company-wide initiatives.

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