Big, bold brows are a hot trend right now – but don’t let bushy, unruly brows bring you down!  Statement brows have moved away from thin and sculpted look to fuller, more natural brows.

Here are 7 tips you MUST know about eyebrow grooming.


1.  SHAPE UP   Model  Cara Delavigne’s dark, full brows truly started a trend in the world, but you’ll notice that her full brows are also well shaped.  Trust shaping to a professional.  Threading is a centuries old art form that uses thread to quickly and precisely remove unwanted hair from the brow area.  Because you are able to target a single hair, or line of hair, threading is the best way to shape brows.

2.  DONT FORGET TO BRUSH   Brow hair can grow in many different directions.   The key is to brush your brows into place.  Just like you can tame your hair to fall a certain way, you can help tame your brows with consistent brushing.  Our favorite tool?  Multi Task Brush.  This 5-in-1 Brush features a comb to separate brows, as well as an angled brush to groom them into place.

3. FILL IN THE BLANKS  Even full brows can use a little definition.  We recommend 2 ways for defining the brows – Brow Pencil or Brow Powder.   Brow Pencil is ideal if you are looking to simply fill in, correct or define brows.  Brow Powder is best when you have sparse brows and need to create a brow shape as it shades the skin, which also makes it an excellent choice for amplifying the brows further.  Alexander McQueen gave his models faces the ideal frame by using Brow Powder to shade the skin behind well shaped brows.

as seen on thestylespy

Brow Pencil can be used to perfection as with the right formula, it creates precise, hairlike strokes.  Harpers Bazaar featured this bold brow look from Valentino.  Though her brows are full, with a few strokes of a Brow Pencil, the brows remain natural looking, but also more defined.  Sumita Beauty Brow Pencil is an excellent choice because of its precision, using a hard, textured wax with an oval tip and smearproof formula.

as seen on Harper’s Bazaar

4.  GET YOUR GROOM ON   Brushing your brows grooms them into place, and once you have your brows where you want them – dont forget to keep them place!   A soft wax pencil like the 
The Finish Wax has been a top pick in Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan because it holds brows in place without being sticky or stiff.

5.  THE RIGHT KIND OF HIGHLIGHT   Fast growth between visits and a need to accentuate the brow bone are two top reasons women love The Hi-Lite Pearl.  The Hi-Lite Pearl leaves a soft, shimmery highlight under and around the brow to accentuate its shape.   Due to the reflective properties of the formula, it also helps to hide new growth between visits, so brows look crisp and clean.

As you can see on the model above featured in Harpers Bazaar from the Valentino show, by adding a highlight above the brow and below along the brow bone, the models brows are perfectly framed and accentuated.  The artist for this model also used a highlighing powder, which you can see on the cheeks and nose.  Our Hi-Lite Pearl can also be used on the cheekbone’s and bridge of the nose for a radiant effect.  And, who doesn’t love multi-benefit products!

6.  KNOW WHEN TO COVER UP  Imperfections along the brow line happen.  Sun exposure and environmental factors can influence the look of the skin, especially in the pronounced brow area.  To create the perfect canvas, and conceal any imperfections, we recommend The Conceal Light.  Similar to the effect achieved by the artist at the Alberta Ferreti show, this unique pencil blends away discoloration, and doubles as a shadow primer!  You will love the way your eyes look when you have a flawless complexion looking back at you!

Feeling like you’ve hit the brow lottery with these 6 essential tips?  We’d love to know!