9 Benefits of Giving Your Skin Some TLC

9 Benefits of Giving Your Skin Some TLC

Self-care mantras, mindfulness quotes and of course memes, are in abundance in 2018 and we’re all for it.

Today we’re here to tell you about the self-care you’re probably neglecting: your skin. Whether you have a 10-step daily skin regimen or you stick to a simple cleanser/ moisturizing routine, healthy skin needs more from you. Our suggestion? Facials. Give your skin a little TLC with a facial treatment from one of our licensed estheticians and see the difference it makes, for yourself!

Ziba Beauty Facial Services at Santa Ana and Artesia

In case you need some convincing as to why facials are worth investing in, here’s a list of just some of the many benefits:

  1. What your skin needs: Even if you don’t have acne, hyperpigmentation or any other skin drama, a facial is the best way to find out if your skin is in need of something or to find out how it is reacting to stress, allergies or anything else you might be dealing with. Like anything, it’s more than what you see on the surface.
  2. Facials help you de-stress and relax: Of course there are plenty of ways to DIY your skincare at home but there is something to be said about having a professional take care of you – it’s just like getting a massage or getting your nails done. Facials can help to reduce anxiety and negative moods because the massage is activating your parasympathetic nervous activity, which helps you rest and slow down.Ziba Beauty Expert Facials at Santa Ana and Artesia
  3. Cleanses your skin thoroughly:  Your licensed esthetician can understand your skin type and what it needs, including what is best to cleanse it. This is something that your face wash/ toner or anything else at home, can’t do.
  4. Helps blood circulation: If a massage helps to promote blood circulation in your body, then it is only fair that a facial massage does the same. Increased blood circulation means that there is more oxygen traveling with your blood and reaching your skin cells, which translates to healthier cells and a glowing face.
  5. Treats acne and scars: Professionals can treat your acne and any scars you may have from popping that pesky pimple 2 months ago. Regular facials can help reduce acne overall and therefore prevent any further scarring!Ziba Beauty Professional Facial Services at Santa Ana and Artesia
  6. Uses steam: A cause of acne and other skin issues can be the dirt that we encounter daily, from the moment we step outside. In order to remove dead cells, a facial expert will use steam to open up your pores and remove all the gunk that may be hiding inside.
  7. Prevents premature aging: Aging is 100% natural but our environment and life stressors can sometimes speed up the aging process. With a monthly facial, you can maintain your skin and prevent premature aging, as the TLC for your skin promotes collagen development and boosts cell regeneration which btw takes about 3 to 4 weeks in healthy skin. Hence, we recommend monthly facials if it’s possible for you.
  8. Removes whiteheads and blackheads: Whiteheads and Blackheads are your skin’s nemesis. They’re the ones making your skin look dull and lifeless and can cause the skin to look and feel bumpy. In a professional facial, your esthetician can extract whiteheads and blackheads with a special tool without creating unnecessary scarring and hurting your skin, that will occur if you keep letting your bff extract them for you.Ziba Beauty Expert Facial Services at Santa Ana and Artesia
  9. Increases absorption: All your at-home skin care regimens are probably not being as effective as they could be because you’re not getting a facial regularly. Why? A facial helps to increase your skin’s absorption abilities by making your skin soft and supple. Spending lots of money on expensive skin care is a waste when your face is only capable of absorbing it superficially. A facial may be a more pricey service but it could eliminate the need of expensive skincare because you’re increasing your absorption ability. Therefore you can use less harsh or milder formulas at home that can penetrate the skin fully; rather than using stronger and more expensive ones to try and get results that can’t be achieved because your skin is too tough and won’t yield to the product.

Some skin care experts recommend that you should have a professional facial about every four weeks, as that’s how long it takes your skin to go through the full life cycle of skin cell growth. Of course there are times when life gets in the way and it’s not possible to get a facial, which is okay! All we say is that you remember that this IS an important choice, that should become a part of your lifestyle. If you have to continuously work out your muscles to get stronger and stay in shape, then your skin deserves the same tender love and care.

Interested in learning more and getting a facial service? Visit or call us at Ziba Beauty Artesia or Ziba Beauty Santa Ana, where we perform routine, skin type specific facial treatments performed by licensed estheticians to supercharge your regimen – and your results. Speak to one of our experts and see which of our facial treatments is best for you! Fun fact: Ziba’s lead esthetician, Natasha Ofir, whose facial treatments are highly sought after, is based in our Santa Ana Studio. Call 714.556.2245 to make an appointment with her today.

If you have any other Facial tips – let us know!

Take Care,

Team Ziba Beauty x



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