How Does Eyebrow Threading Work? [ A Complete Guide ]

How Does Eyebrow Threading Work? [ A Complete Guide ]

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that uses a cotton blend thread to remove hair from the follicle. The piece of string is wrapped around a follicle of hair and then twisted until the hair is pulled out to remove the hair. In terms of brow threading specifically, this technique allows the artist to best control the thread to achieve precise shaping results. When it comes to shaping brows, threading is the most precise form of hair removal, the BEST method for shaping brows, is gentle and ideal for sensitive skin, and removes hair from the follicle for lasting results. During a threading session, clients are typically in a reclining chair and asked to hold the skin taut with their fingertips from the top of the brow upwards and from their eyelids downwards. This makes the area more accessible for the artist to better shape the brows.

Did you know Ziba Beauty was the first to introduce the Art of Threading to the modern world?

How To Thread Eyebrows Step By Step Process

At Ziba Beauty, we pride ourselves in our 4-step process. This system allows us to better serve you and help you achieve the best, long-lasting results. Our step by step process includes:

STEP 1: Consultation
We work with your facial structure and industry trends to customize, contour and shape your natural eyebrows.

STEP 2: Shape
Then, our certified beauty artists precisely craft your brows and remove unwanted hair with little to no irritation using anti-bacterial thread that is unique to Ziba Beauty.

Step 3: Protect
The third step in our process is to nourish, tap and massage the eye area with vitamins A, C, E, and Shea Butter Serum to calm and soothe the skin.

Step 4: Complete
To finalize your eyebrow threading session, we amplify your look with prescribed beauty products from the Ziba Brow Signature collection.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

There are many benefits to threading eyebrows. Many clients prefer this method of hair removal because it is fast, precise, and not as painful as any other form of hair removal. Other benefits to threading include:

  • No chemicals are used during a threading service
  • It gives better shaping results
  • It is less expensive than other hair removal procedures
  • Results can last up to 2-3 weeks
benefits of eyebrow threading
Before and After Care for Eyebrows Threading

Taking care of the skin where eyebrow threading took place is an important step in achieving the best results for your desired brow shape.

Before your eyebrow threading session, we recommend you stay away from any stimulating treatments to the skin that add more heat to the surface, for example, chemical peels or tanning beds, as this will make the skin more sensitive and can increase the likelihood of bad reactions. Although it’s not necessary, you can exfoliate the skin around the brow hairs to remove away dead skin. You can also prep the skin with natural oils and vitamin E to keep your skin nourished and smooth pre-threading.

How to take care of your eyebrows after threading is an important part of the threading experience. Since your pores will be open after your session, we recommend avoiding swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, hot temperatures and direct sunlight in general.

You can soothe any slight irritation with ice cubes, rose water spritz, aloe vera cream, tea tree oil, daily moisturizer, and sunscreen. All of these elements will help soothe the threaded area and provide a layer of protection against harmful UV rays that could add irritation to your skin.

How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Cost?

The cost of eyebrow threading services varies and is determined by different factors, including artists’ experience and service level, for example. At Ziba Beauty, we offer a wide selection of threading services based on your needs.

Our Face Essentials, Complete Face, and A La Carte options offer comprehensive services that shape and define your features.

BROW SHAPE $9 – $14*
Our most popular service, The Brow Shape is intended for those with an established eyebrow-care regimen. The service includes a brief consultation, shaping, and finishing, and takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

This 20-minute total service is for the brow client that is trying to change, correct, or find their ideal brow shape. The Brow Fit begins with a thorough consultation, including facial measurements, and concludes with Ziba’s signature Finish.

Meant for first-time eyebrow shapers, or those who need to grow out and correct their current shape, The Virgin Brow is a consultative and transformational service. Desired results may take 6-8 weeks to achieve. Includes 2 services, appointment required ($75 Value).

FULL FACE $35 and up*
Full face threading completely removes unwanted facial hair (peach fuzz), leaving your skin mildly exfoliated and ready for clean makeup application. Areas included: eyebrows, forehead, sides, cheeks, nose, upper and lower lip as well as chin.

Our most popular threading services are listed above, but there’s much more on our menu. If there’s something you want that you don’t see, simply consult your Ziba Beauty Artist.

*Prices may vary by Studio. Please confirm pricing prior to service.

Eyebrow Threading Services Near You

Ziba Beauty is considered the pioneer in the threading category, having introduced threading to the U.S. in 1988. Throughout our 13 California-wide studio locations, we offer The Art of Threading®, which is an ancient hair removal technique where the hair is removed using a thread and skilled hands. As part of our signature line of services, we also offer The Art of Waxing and are the leader in The Art of Mehndi®. Our collection of brow beauty products were developed specifically to complement the proprietary services that Ziba Beauty is renowned for.

Our Promise is that each client receives unparalleled service, superior artistry, and the highest standards in our clean modern studios. We welcome you to learn more about Ziba Beauty and to explore our full list of services.

Having shaped over 1 million brows and counting, Ziba Beauty is the best choice for Eyebrow Threading Service in California. Book your appointment online to your nearest Ziba Beauty studio, today!


All of our 14 studios, which closed on March 13th, will remain closed until further notice. We are a 33-year-old-run small business, and our Ziba team and community are always the leading factors in our company-wide initiatives.

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