Contouring your eyebrows and shaping them is something you can easily do from the comfort and safety of your home. Now that we all need to be extra careful about person-to-person contact, learning to groom your eyebrows yourself with the best product designed for maintaining your brows is one of the smartest decisions you can make, (at least, till it is completely safe to return to your favorite beauty shop).  At Ziba Beauty, we value your health very much and we have decided to offer our Brow@Home Deluxe Kit which comes with a free live brow consultation. You can groom your eyebrows from the comfort and safety of your home with Ziba Beauty’s Brow@Home Deluxe Kit. After you purchase your kit on our website, you will be sent a confirmation email containing the registration link for your free live virtual brow consultation with a Ziba Brow Expert.

What will you find in your Brow@Home Deluxe Kit when it gets delivered to you?

When your kit arrives, you will find the following items in it:

  • Double Sided Eyebrow Wax Strips
  • Brow Crayon by Ziba Cosmetics
  • The Brow Trio by Ziba Cosmetics
  • The Multi Task Brush by Ziba Cosmetics
  • The Hi-Lite Pearl by Ziba Cosmetics
  • The Conceal Light by Ziba Cosmetics
  • The Finish Wax by Ziba Cosmetics
  • Antibacterial Sanitizing Wipes

Why use Ziba Beauty’s Brow@Home Deluxe Kit?

Asides the free consultation you get from a top brow expert, here are some of the major benefits of using your kit.

  • The small-sized wax strips are made with ingredients that are safe and gentle on your skin.
  • The Brow Crayon comes in light, medium and dark shades to get the perfect blend.
  • The Brow Trio powder blends easily to give you that perfect shade.
  • The Multi Task Brush is the perfect tool to give you sharp lines.
  • The radiant and creamy formula of the Hi-Lite Pearl pencil blends easily and helps to lift, light, and accentuate your eyebrows.
  • With the Finish Wax pencil, you can stimulate natural hair growth while filling, defining and correcting your brows.
  • The blendable formula of the Conceal Light pencil helps you hide, shade, or correct your brows.
  • Use the Antibacterial Sanitizing Wipes to kill 99.9% of germs on skins and surfaces.

How to use the Limited Edition Brow@Home Deluxe Kit

You will need to first use the Multi Task Brush and Brow Trio Powder. You will use these tools to create an inner corner, peak and tail on both brows. Then use the Brow Crayon to create an outline of the shape of your natural eyebrow making use of the inner corner, peak, and tail points as your guide. Then, you can use the Multi Task Brush to fill in the shape and the appropriate shade from your Brow Trio. The next thing to do after defining your brow shape is to wax around the shape. Pick up the strip and warm them between your hands. Then, peel the strip apart into two. Next, apply the strip in the hair growth direction. Hold your skin taut then quickly pull off the wax strip in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Repeat this process on the second brow and use the Antibacterial Wipes in your kit to remove excess wax.

Things you should be aware of while waxing

Please, ensure you do a patch test on the area to be waxed if you have never waxed before. If no irritation occurs after 12 hours, then you can continue with the product. Also, ensure that your skin is dry and clean before you use the wax strips. Remember to always remove the wax strips very quickly using a single motion. Do not pull straight up, rather pull backwards and ensure that you remain close and in parallel with the skin. This will help reduce any discomfort.  Remember that hair that is previously shaved is usually strong and resistant so it is advisable to wait for about two weeks or until the brow hairs are around a quarter of an inch (or half a centimeter) long before you use the kit. Also, note that you should use talc sparingly when you are perspiring or in hot weather. 

Tips for clean-up and after-care 

Use the antibacterial wipes to remove any excess wax remaining on your skin after using the wax strips. Do note that you might experience high skin sensitivity after first use, though it will decrease with subsequent uses as your hair weakens. You might notice your skin turning pink and spotty after hair removal – don’t worry, this usually disappears under a few hours. However, if irritation persists, kindly discontinue using the product.  The hairs on your brows should start growing again anywhere between two to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. You can always reuse your extra strips so make sure you store them flat in their box in a cool and dry location. 

Cautions and warnings 

  • Do not use this product on skin that has been treated recently with products containing Accutane, Retinol A, Glycolic Acid or Alpha hydroxy compounds. 
  • Do not use this product on skin that is injured, irritated, sunburned or sensitive. 
  • Do not apply astringents or alcohol on skin before or after waxing. 
  • Make sure you do not sunbathe before or after you wax your skin. 
  • Please note that if you use this product improperly, it may cause bruising, irritation and lifting of the skin. Examples of improper usage include reapplying the product over the same spot more than two times, pulling the strip in an upward motion instead of a backward motion, as well as not keeping your skin taut when you are waxing it. 

We made this just for you 

We have lovingly assembled the Brow@Home Deluxe Kit just for you to help you with the grooming and maintenance of your brows at home. We have also included a free live video consultation with a top brow expert in this limited edition package, so your eyebrows can have that touch of professionalism. Keep staying safe and beautiful. The Ziba family loves you! 



All of our 14 studios, which closed on March 13th, will remain closed until further notice. We are a 33-year-old-run small business, and our Ziba team and community are always the leading factors in our company-wide initiatives.

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