Call it man-scaping, male grooming or plain old hair removal, these days it’s not just women that need a little bit of eyebrow love. More and more men are searching for a solution to that monobrow and realizing the importance of tidy brows. Here at Ziba Beauty, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a hairy boy or have a loved one with a manbrow in need of urgent attention, read on to find out why threading is man-friendly and all important.

It’s not just for girls
Get that thought straight out of your head. Threading is a quick and convenient way to whip those brows into shape, for any age and any gender.

Our eyebrow artists can thread away that clump of hair sitting in the middle of your brows within seconds. If you want a clean, shaped brow we can do it. If you want a natural, untouched look we’re your go to salon. Just explain what you want to see on your face and let one of our team work their magic.

Step away from the razor

A lot of men rely on their trusty razor to clean up their brows. Stop! Back away from the blade! Who wants a five o’clock shadow on their forehead as well as their chin? Eyebrow hairs will grow back just as quickly as your beard if you resort to shaving them off. The hairs will return thick and spiky. Not a good look.

Yes it hurts, but just for a second. Promise!

Ok, we’re not going to lie. Threading is not exactly pain free, but the pain lasts seconds and the results last for weeks. Also, you’re in the hands of an expert so he/she will make sure to thread as much or as little you would like.

If you’re man enough to get a tattoo or have your chest waxed ready for the summer sun, you’re definitely not going to run away screaming from a piece of white cotton!

Ask for our advice, we don’t bite

Trained in the Art of Threading, our team are here to help. They will talk you through the best look for your face and whether you need a tidy up or a reshape. Be brave! If you’re a first timer and don’t want to stick around the salon for too long, our top tip is to keep your brows thick, remove excess hair in the centre and then head to the nearest bar for a beer. Simple.

A tidy brow can make you look younger

The majority of men don’t use concealer or foundation on a daily basis so a threading session can be a helpful way to create a younger, tidier look. Removing dark, out of place hairs from your eyebrows help to frame the face and open up the eyes.

Those are just a few reasons why we believe threading is for men as well as women. So don’t be shy. Our salons are male and female friendly and we cater our services to meet your needs. Hope to see you soon!