Our Eyebrow Crush

Our Eyebrow Crush
Our Eyebrow Crush Our Eyebrow Crush Our Eyebrow Crush

There are plenty of things that Beyoncé does right. Whether she’s putting a ring on it, slaying it or generally working it, there seems to be no end to this queen’s talent. And for November, Mrs Carter can do no wrong as we crown her Ziba Beauty’s eyebrow crush of the month.


Ziba Beauty specializes in brows. Threading them, shaping them, tinting them and above all appreciating them. Eyebrow Crush is our new monthly feature where we find the most beautiful brows for you to admire and emulate.


This month we are in love with Lemonade and all things Queen B related. Especially those fabulous brows.


Over the years Beyoncé’s look has grown more confident and cutting edge, but her eyebrows have stayed classically arched and unapologetically natural. No matter how daring her make-up look or how crazy the outfit (and some of them have definitely been crazy), this diva’s brows are her crowning glory.


Slightly arched and always natural-looking, Beyoncé’s brow shape compliments her oval face. We love the way her brows are always slightly darker than her hair, off-setting her amazing almond-shaped eyes.


These pictures show the Beyoncé eyebrow timeline perfectly. From 2009 to earlier this year, you can see that whilst her look changes, those brows remain natural and flawless.



Queen B’s make-up artists tend to choose the brushed-up look for her brows. This is natural look and can be difficult to pull off unless your eyebrows are shaped regularly. They might be au natural but grooming here is the key. Stray hairs won’t cut it and will make your eyebrows look plain old messy rather than naturally thick.


Next time you visit one of our expert threading team, keep your eyebrow shape a little bit thicker than usual so you can develop Beyoncé’s arched look. Once you’ve got the shape, use our Multi Task Brush to groom your brows. Brush in an upwards motion to copy her style.


And if you can’t wait for those eyebrows to grow, use our Brow Trio to lightly darken the skin behind the brow and create a thicker, fuller look. Voliá! You’ve got it.


So who is your eyebrow crush? Let Ziba Beauty know so we can all have a little bit of eyebrow envy!