Perfect Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

Perfect Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

Knowing the shape of your face is important when determining how to shape your brows. Once you know your face shape, you can easily figure out what brow shape compliments your face the best. For example, a sharp, angular face shape calls for a more rounded brow to balance out all the facial elements and soften some of your features. Vice versa, a round or oval face shape works best with a sharper, arched brow to bring back dimension to the face.

If you’re not sure about your shape, ask your Ziba Brow Artist! They’ve been expertly trained to help you assess your face shape.


The oval face is slightly longer than it is wide. The face is widest at your cheekbones. It is considered the ideal facial shape. It is balanced and has an overall look of symmetry.

A square face is very equal in regards to length and width. The forehead is broad and most likely straight around the hairline.

The long face is obviously longer than it is wider and has a narrow width. The shape can be identified as a stretched egg and is widest at the forehead.

The heart-shaped face is longer than it is wide. The chin is noticeably pointed. The face is widest at the forehead but the cheekbones are also wide and pronounced.

The diamond-shaped face is longer than it is wide. The chin is noticeably pointed. The forehead is narrower than the cheek line. This face shape is widest at the cheekbones.

A round face is pretty much the same width and length. The chin is rounded in shape with no hard lines. The jawline is round and full in shape.

Did you know that the experts at Ziba Beauty are trained to analyze your face shape through their 6-week certification program in the Art of Threading. Visit a studio near you to get the best eyebrow shape for YOUR face today!