We shape over 1 million brows each year and over the past 25 years, we’ve gained a unique expertise when it comes to brow personality. We believe the best way to shape your eyebrows is by facial structure and we also believe in listening to the client in terms of their brow preference. By providing an informative, professional consultation, our client not only has the best brows for their face shape, but also leaves Ziba feeling confident and pampered.

With so much experience at our fingertips, we asked our Artists if there are any defining characteristics, when it comes to brows, that give insight into a client’s personality. After all, there are organizations and many highly trained specialists who, devote their career to the study of facial expressions and characteristics – so there must be some truth to it!

Here are a few of the most common brow types and what our Artists had to say about them.



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A fuller brow is all the rage right now. We believe a fuller brow gives a more youthful appearance to any face and is also a sign of confidence and strength. To rock fuller brows properly, you must ensure they are kept groomed otherwise they can quickly become unruly. Groomed brows can also be a sign of a personality that pays close attention to detail and is consistent. One important note: there is a fine line with fuller brows – without consistent grooming one can go from well-kept to unkempt, so be mindful!



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A thin, often over shaped brow can cause a person to look dated, especially if it’s not done right. Too thin brows may be associated with a personality that has a tendency to be over the top with grooming, which below the surface may mean a lack of self-confidence. We recommend to every client who has come to us with over-shaped, thinner brows, that she let them grow a bit and ease back into a more natural looking brow. It’s less effort to maintain and also changes the appearance of the brow just enough, to better frame the face.



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It is our recommendation that the arch of a brow is determined by the face shape. A high arch will often mean a more angular brow, which is why it’s important to know your facial shape, so as not to lose the natural softness of the face. In our experience, whether the client has a naturally high arch, or prefers one, a higher arch lends itself to a more determined personality type. The high arch is inquisitive and authoritative, so a person can appear as though they have an inside knowledge, that can keep anyone in a conversation with captivativation and intrigue.



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A soft arch is more rounded, with a lighter curve under the peak of the brow. This is an ultra feminine shape and usually denotes a personality that is kind, open and also confident. People with soft arches will often seem friendly and easy to get along with. A soft arch can also suggest a flirtatious disposition, with a fun nature.



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Flat brows are best for long face shapes, to help pull the focus from the length of the face to the width of the face, consequently balancing out its symmetry. With that said, high fashion has used the flat brow shape to compliment collections in an avante garde way to perfection. Flat brows are often indicative of a person who is very logical and thoughtful. They are focused and serious, as well as full of great laughter and wit. So, whether you are on the catwalk or the sidewalk, people with flat brow shapes are definitely ones to make an impression!

We’ve put our personality by brow shape to the test and it’s been remarkably fun for our Artists and our clients as well! The most important element for us remains, a happy, confident client with the best brows for their face shape.

Wondering what your brows say about you? Use these descriptions and check your brows out in the nearest mirror – we’d love to know what you discover!