Quick Day to Night Makeup Tips for the Busy Girl

Quick Day to Night Makeup Tips for the Busy Girl

Women are masters at making the most of their days. That’s why it’s a no brainer that we say yes to a happy hour after a long day at work, or head to dinner after a killer workout. It’s not FOMO but a ‘seize the moment’ mantra that echoes in our heads and keeps us going. Brilliantly managing and maximizing our schedules leaves little time for makeup touch ups. Luckily, we’ve uncovered a few tips to help you beautifully transition from day to night makeup.

To achieve a dewy, natural face for daytime and more a dramatic look for evening, try this easy-to-do makeup regiment.

After washing and toning your skin, apply a tinted SPF moisturizer to hydrate and protect the skin. Sweep a loose mineral powder over your face to even out the skin and provide a base for your makeup.

Start with the brows. Since your brows frame your face it’s important these two beauties get the attention they deserve from the morning get-go. Set your brows for the entire day with Ziba’s brow pomade duo. The concealer hides any blemishes and defines the shape, while the pomade helps boldly pronounce the brow for a flawless finish.

Makeup for the Eyes

Once your brows are set it’s time to open and add height to the eye. If you’ve never used an eyelash curler now is the time – it’s one of our favorite morning tricks. Then apply waterproof mascara to avoid unfortunate smudging as the day wears on. Use a light neutral shadow for the lid.

To transition into evening, apply a darker shade shadow to define the crease and blend using the neutral color from the morning. Then grab your favorite eyeliner. Use a simple cat eye flick for quick eye transformation, or line the top and bottom lash lines for a smoldering, dramatic effect.

Makeup for the Cheeks

Neutral hue or rose cheek tints are perfect for daytime wear. They don’t overpower lighter eye and lip shades, and give you a bright, cheery face all day long.

Come nightfall, blend a natural bronzer just under the cheekbones to define your facial angles and reapply that rosey tint to your cheekbones.

Makeup for the Lips

Complete your day look with a soft color or gloss on the lip. Try a neutral lip liner to define your lips and keep your lip color in place for hours.

To transition into evening, say yes to color. A dark or bold color instantly transforms your look – and commands attention.

Always in a rush? Here’s a helpful tip: Always keep a brow pencil and bold lip shade in your purse. If you’re short on time or forgot your makeup bag, these two essentials are all you need to instantly transition your makeup from day to night.