The 5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

The 5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making
When it comes to eyebrows you can easily make mistakes that can change your natural face symmetry, affect your skin, and mess up your makeup look. You don’t want your brows to distract from your natural beauty; in fact, the whole purpose of getting your eyebrows threaded or putting makeup on is to merely enhance what you already have – not change it!
Here are our eyebrow tips to remember so you don’t end up sabotaging yourself. Trust us, after reading this you’ll be saying, thank u, next.

Eyebrow Mistake #1: Making them identical

Do not get sucked into a world where your eyebrows have to be identical. No two eyes are the same, so why should the brows be any different? When you try to make your eyebrows identical, you can end up taking off too much hair or too little. Naturally, your eyebrows are different – so trying to make them exactly the same will also make your brows look fake and harm the natural symmetry of your face. Eyebrows are soul sisters, not twins!

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Eyebrow Mistake #2: Choosing the wrong-color Brow Crayon

If you have dark hair, you don’t necessarily want to use a dark eyebrow crayon. Use a brow crayon that’s a shade lighter than your actual hair color. It will look more natural when applied because it’ll blend into the brow hair color you have, instead of adding more to the color, therefore making your brows appear harsh. Another tip? If you have highlights, match the crayon shade to the lighter strands of hair, for the most natural looking finish.

Eyebrow Mistake #3: Using a magnifying mirror

Magnifying mirrors are great for precise makeup application and they’re also great for seeing if it’s time to get your brows threaded. BUT when it comes to hair removal, magnifying mirrors are not so great. If you HAVE to clean up your brows at home, be an arms-length distance from a normal mirror and use as much natural light as possible. If you view your brows too close-up, you lose perspective on how much hair you’ve already taken off and will keep removing the “tiny hairs” that you actually need, in order to keep your brow shape.

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Eyebrow Mistake #4: Eyebrow shaping before a shower or bath

If you’re going to bathe close to the time that you’re getting your brows threaded, it’s better to do it before you go to your Brow Artist. It’s no secret that removing eyebrow hairs can hurt – but a steamy shower will open up the pores and soften the brow follicles, so the hair glides out much easier. Bonus: This also helps limit redness and irritation!

Eyebrow Mistake #5: Using the wrong product to fill-in your brows

When it comes to eyebrow makeup, which mainly consists of filling in your brows, preference and usability of a product is usually the defining factor. While preference is probably based on comfort, what you like is not necessarily what is best for your brows. Shocking right, something we like isn’t really beneficial to us… it’s a human problem, we’ve accepted it. Moving on, the type of eyebrows you have can help you determine which product is best for you.

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If you only have a few spots where you’re missing eyebrow hairs – then a Brow Crayon is best for creating short hair-like strokes to fill-in those gaps.
If you’re new to filling-in your brows or have larger sparse areas, then using a Brow Powder is going to benefit you most. This is because a brow powder gives you more control over where you apply color and the product is easier to blend, therefore creating a softer look. This is especially good for someone who isn’t completely confident in filling-in their brows.

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Lastly, if you prefer a more bold brow or are wearing heavy makeup and want your brows to match – we recommend a Brow Pomade. A Brow Pomade is also great if you’ve dyed your hair darker and need a better color match for your brows!

Do you have any tips for preventing eyebrow mishaps? Let us know in the comments!
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