Up To 10 days of intensive hands on, one on one, training in Los Angeles, California, behind the Chair at a Ziba Beauty Brow Studio.


  • Practical Education, Mastery Certification in The Art of Threading


The mastery Course is designed to promote practical, hands-on experience with a senior artist at a busy Ziba Beauty Brow Studio in Los Angeles, California. Ziba Beauty shapes over a million brows every year in California alone. The Mastery program was created to give the artist client consultation skill development, and the experience and guidance to excel in The Art of Threading. A Mastery Certification in The Art of Threading will qualify you to apply for positions in some of the top academies and retailers in the world. You will be part of a database of elite artists that receive priority placement considerations for open positions at Ziba Beauty studios. (Travel and lodging is not included in the fee.)


  • Progressive Curriculum: Must be certified in The Art of Threading® Introduction & The Art of Threading® Advanced
 prior to getting the Mastery Certification• Verbal & Written Assessments to convey an understanding of theory & practices
• Educator observations to evaluate skill and proficiency for Certification.