The Power of EYE EM

The Power of EYE EM

On October 1, Ziba Beauty will launch two new eye kits under the collection, EYE EM: The Essential Collection. The Eye Pencil Trio kit and the Gel Liner + Brush Trio kit, containing Ziba’s best-selling eye products, will retail for $29 and only available while stocks last.

As with all Ziba Cosmetics, 10% of proceeds from the sale of the EYE EM kits will go toward the Empowerment through Artistry initiative to educate underprivileged women and children. Reflecting on this decision, Sumita Batra, CEO of Ziba Beauty mused: “As an artist, my vision is to make the world more beautiful for the wearer of my products. As a woman, my aspiration is to empower through artistry. So I found a way to serve both the artist and the woman in me.”

The name of the collection was also coined to provoke and empower both the Ziba customer and the women Ziba is trying to help. ‘“I am’” is such a powerful proposition,” says Sumita. “When a person realizes that they themselves are responsible for generating their own happiness, they themselves have the power to change their life for the better, they themselves can be the change they wish to see in the world, it becomes a very powerful tool for positive change.” This is the power of “Eye Em”.

Customers already familiar with Ziba Cosmetics will rejoice in the return of Mansha, the beloved eyeliner color, renamed The Eyeliner Violet to reflect its purple hue. Others will go gaga over the gel liner duo pots, which contain classic colors like black and brown, but also fun colors like electric blue and forest green.


With such incredible offerings by a cosmetics brand that has a long track record of creating exceptional products at a fair price (these $29 kits are worth over $65 each!) and with compassion to boot, the EYE EM kits are a must-buy for the fall. Available at all Ziba Beauty studios and online on October 1, 2016 while stocks last.