The Top 3 Reasons You Should Thread VS. Wax Your Eyebrows

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Thread VS. Wax Your Eyebrows
For years and years, the most readily available method of shaping eyebrows was waxing, which is why it was also the most popular. Now, as threading has become increasingly popular, it is also more easily found, so now the question becomes which is better – threading or waxing your eyebrows?
Though both shaping methods can produce beautiful results, as a company who specializes in The Art of Threading, we decided to ask our brow experts and clients what their top 3 reasons are for choosing the ancient Art of Threading, as their go-to for brow shaping.


The threading technique gives the Brow Artist complete control and precision of the hair-removal process. The Artist is able to remove a single hair, or line of hairs to achieve the best shape, no matter what the hair length. As seen here, the model’s brows are perfectly shaped with a clean, defined brow and softly arching shape that tapers naturally from the inside corner, to the tail of the brow.
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With the waxing technique, the Artist gives up some control of the process which is when the tell tale sign of waxing, the “hooked brow,” appears. As the Artist applies wax under the brow to clean and shape the arch, rather than a smooth even taper, the wax will spread when removed. This will create an inner corner that appears thick but transitions into an arch that looks dramatic and thin in comparison. Trying to avoid getting this hooked shape is not easy – Artists may wax the lid and then tweeze close to the brow to try to avoid the hook, but 9 times of out 10, the brow will definitely have a hooked effect.


Threading is ideal for any type of skin, but especially for those with sensitive skin. Threading has little contact with the skin as the thread is gliding over the skin, rather than sticking to the skin. Waxing, however, coats the skin and hair, pulling both when the hair is removed. This “ripping” effect can cause sensitive skin to turn red and feel very tender. Another point to consider is that threading is 100% natural and uses a cotton string to remove hair, whereas even the most natural waxes can contain resins, preservatives, fragrances and ingredients that can cause sensitive skin to react negatively.


The process of aging is beautiful, there’s no denying that and it happens to everyone. However, there are things that we do to our skin that can start the aging process earlier than it would otherwise start and regardless of whether or not it makes you look older, it usually isn’t very good for your skin. You guessed it, we’re talking about Eyebrow Waxing again. Waxing pulls the skin and the nature of wax removal can disrupt the delicate skin around the eyes and brows, especially if hot wax is being used. Though no scientific study exists, many people believe that repeated waxing can cause the skin to lose elasticity and may result in drooping lids, or fine lines around the eye area. When this happens, the shape of your face changes and in turn, so does the shape of your brows! Scientific proof or not, for the people who have waxed their brows and then moved to threading, the feel of the skin and brows is significantly better with threading. AND because the shape with threading is so precise, their brows remain natural and full, and their eyes appear more bright, open and youthful.

Find these points helpful, or have a few more you’d like to share? We’d love to know!
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