This Week On @thezibabeauty | Instagram Highlights

This Week On @thezibabeauty | Instagram Highlights
The last week of posts on Ziba Beauty’s Instagram page have been glittery, glamorous and glowing up people’s feeds. In celebration of the Festival of Diwali, we dedicated our IG page to all things to do with our Eastern Heritage including; mehndi (henna), cultural symbols and designs and of course, bindis and body art. In case you don’t have Instagram or haven’t had a chance to see the posts yet, we thought we’d round them all up for you on our blog! We’re extremely proud of our heritage and are excited to be sharing it and seeing all of our lovely clients embrace it. Check out some of our favorite heritage projects below:

Ziba Beauty Heritage Services The Art of Mehndi

The Art of Mehndi ✨ What is Mehndi? It’s a temporary body art form, more commonly known in the western world as Henna. Around the world, Mehndi is seen as a blessing and believed to bring the wearer happiness and wealth ☀️🌸 Visit Ziba Beauty where you can flip through The Art of Mehndi book and get inspired by the beautiful designs 🙌
Mehndi Artistry ↠ @kiransahib_henna
Model ↠ @roxannemari1z
Photography ↠ @yogiglobalphotography
Styled by ↠ @sumitabatra
For The Art of Mehndi by @carltonbooks

Ziba Beauty Body Art Francesca Tolot

“The image needs no words, it speaks and showcases the artistry of both individuals.” – Ziba Beauty’s CEO Sumita Batra, on makeup artist Francesca Tolot & photographer Alberto Tolot 🙌📸✨

Ziba Beauty Glitter Henna Tattoo, Mehndi Designs, Best Eyebrow Salon

Flashback to when Ziba was spicing up their Mehndi designs with glitter 😍 would you try glitter mehndi?!

Ziba Beauty The Art of Mehndi Heritage Services

Mehndi (henna) is one of the languages used to express symbolism in Indian culture. All symbols start with the seed (bija) from which everything grows, just like in this flower design 🌼 💫

Ziba Beauty Threading Salon, The Art of Mehndi Book

How to complete your Holiday Party looks: lots and lots of Bindis! 💫✨🙌 #ZibaHeritage
Model ↠ @roxannemari1z
Photography ↠ @yogiglobalphotography
Styled by ↠ @sumitabatra

Ziba Beauty Threading Salon, Body Art and Henna, Glitter Henna, Best Salon, Makeup and Hair 2

Strutting into the weekend like… 💃🌟#ZibaHeritage

Ziba Beauty Threading Salon, Body Art and Henna, T...ary Tattoo, Best Beauty Salon, Makeup and Hair 1

Ziba Artists combine modern cosmetic trends with authentic Eastern traditions to create flawless looks for brides, fashion shows and music videos #ZibaHeritage 💫💖

Ziba Beauty Threading Salon, Beyonce, Mehndi, Henna

Flashback to when Ziba Beauty’s CEO, Sumita Batra, worked with Beyoncé for the Hymn For The Weekend music video! 🎥 ✨🎤 AND Beyoncé’s mehndi (henna) was done by Patty who’s a resident of the Ziba Cerritos Studio 😍🙌

Ziba Beauty Salon, Eyebrow Threading, Glitter Mehndi, Heritage Services

It’s glitter #mehndimonday😍✨💫

Our heritage and creativity go hand-in-hand which is also why we’re excited to announce Heritage Services, a redesigned menu of all the services we offer, related to our roots. Whether it’s getting henna because you feel like rocking a beautiful design or full-fledged bridal hair, makeup and styling for your wedding day – we have you covered. Take a look at the services we’re offering and contact us if you have any questions or want to collaborate with us on something special and heritage related!
Take Care,
Ziba Beauty xo