Top 4 Things To Do in Little India, Artesia

Top 4 Things To Do in Little India, Artesia

Also known as the International Cultural District, Little India is located in Artesia, Los Angeles. Home to the largest ethnic Indian population in the US outside of New York City, Artesia is just 25 minutes away from Disneyland and the place to go if you are craving some curry. Whether you’re looking for an exciting weekend out or want to experience the magic of Eastern Culture, Little India is the place to be. Apart from saffron flavored ice cream and shopping for wedding outfits, you can also experience eyebrow threading and eyebrow shaping at Ziba Beauty. Here are the top 4 things we recommend to do, on your trip to Little India:

  1. Try a new cuisine at any one of the restaurants: If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers attentive service and serves delicious Indian foods and tempting desserts, look no further – India Restaurant at 17824 Pioneer Blvd is the place to visit. Opened in 1985 in the Ziba Plaza, India Restaurant has served the community of Artesia and the many visitors who stop by for a bite to eat, for years. At the restaurant, you can select from the extensive menu or stop by for the infamous lunch buffet to try a little of everything. Whether you prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes, India Restaurant has it all. They also serve domestic, imported and non-alcoholic beer and you have the option of selecting wines from their extensive selection!

  2. Shop for Eastern Style outfits: If you are in search of casual Indian and Pakistani wear or show stopping outfits for weddings – look no further! From Frontier Heritage to Karmik Fashions, Little India has everything you could ever want. Saris, lenghas, shoes, evening bags and jewelry in every color, size and finish are available to buy on the spot or can be tailored to fit you perfectly. Come and browse the extensive selection of clothing created by incredibly talented designers and get inspired to step out your comfort zone and try something new.
    Karmik Fashions, Ziba Plaza

  3. Stock up on your favorite Indian groceries and snacks: If you are in search of Indian spices, then Pioneer Cash & Carry is the store to visit. The newly renovated store is huge and carries everything from Indian mangos, to fresh vegetables and snacks. The employees are extremely handy in helping you find the thing you are looking for and can even introduce you to some new foods you may have never tried. To satisfy your sweet tooth and take some goodies home, head to Standard Sweets and Snacks where you can buy gulab jamuns and rasmalai! For Gujarati treats like Khandvi, Kachoris and more, you must visit Surati Farsan! Not only do they have two locations, but you can even order online and cater from them!

  4. Pamper yourself: If you have always been fascinated by Indian beauty routines, then Ziba Beauty is a must visit. Situated in the heart of Little India, Ziba Beauty was founded over 3 decades ago and has been serving the Los Angeles community ever since. At the site of the first ever Ziba Store in southeast Los Angeles, you can enjoy the following services:Pamper yourself
    Eyebrow ThreadingHaving well-groomed brows helps to frame your face. Not only that, it balances other facial features too. At Ziba Beauty Artesia, you can have your eyebrows groomed by professionals, using an ancient Indian technique called Threading. Eyebrow threading involves the removal of unwanted hair using a cotton thread. Using the eastern technique, artists at Ziba Beauty work by following your facial structure. Using an antibacterial cotton thread, unwanted hair is removed with little to no irritation. After the removal of unwanted hair, the area is massaged using a Shea Butter Serum and Vitamins A, C and E to soothe the skin. To complete the look, the Beauty Artists at Ziba finish by using luxury cosmetics products from the Ziba Signature Collection.Eyebrow ThreadingBody Waxing: You can also have unwanted hair removed from specific areas of your body with The Art of Waxing. Whether it’s around your arms or legs, Ziba Beauty artists can give your skin a fresh look, with exfoliation in the form of waxing. When it comes to waxing, we use an age-old recipe comprising of water-soluble sugar wax. The Ziba Beauty warm wax is applied gently onto the skin, to swiftly remove unwanted hair using the highest quality muslin cotton strips, leaving the skin smooth and soft. The process is accomplished in three steps. In step one, the beauty artist cleanses your skin to remove oils which will minimize pain. In step two, the wax is expertly applied, following the direction of hair growth and removed using a cotton strip. Lastly, the waxed area is treated, to protect and soothe your skin.Body Waxing

Do you have a favorite thing to do in Little India, Artesia? Let us know in the comments so we can try it too!

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