Top 5 Things To Do At The Shops At Montebello

Top 5 Things To Do At The Shops At Montebello
As you probably know, Los Angeles is one of the most attractive cities in the world with plenty of sight attractions and services to enjoy. If you live in Gabriel Valley & East Los Angeles and want an entertaining place to spend your weekend and free time, then the Shops at Montebello mall is an option to consider. While at the center, you have more than 120 local and national retail outlets that offer different services!

Here are some of the exciting services that visitors have access to, when they visit the mall:

    1. Explore the Food Places: When out on a weekend trip to the Shops at Montebello, you can explore all the different food places and restaurants available in the shopping center! Some of our favorite places include Chicken Now, Bj’s, Lucille’s and the Hikari Sushi Bar. There are a range of different foods offered and everyone can find something they love!
    2. Shop for Clothes: Who doesn’t love some retail therapy? The Shops at Montebello has over 50 clothing stores, fitting almost everyone’s taste and preference. The mall also hosts our some of our favorite department stores like Macy’s and JCPenny!Shopping for clothes at The Shops at Montebello
    3. Shop for ShoesThere’s no such thing as too many shoes – at least that’s what we think! If a great pair of shoes is on your shopping list, the Shops at Montebello provide some of the best choices in the marketplace. Check out Aldo, the worldwide destination for on-trend fashion footwear, or Shiekh Shoes, specializing in high heels, sneakers and boots. We’re also big fans of Robert Wayne Footwear that carries Converse, Vans and Uggs!  Shoe Store The Shops At Montebello
    4. Explore the Mall: The Shops at Montebello mall is not a mall like any other. It is glamorous and stands out as one of the best in the area. Take your time to explore the different parts of the mall, from the magic of the Disney Store to the convenience of Macy’s.
    5. Enjoy Pampering and Beauty Care: Offering pampering and beauty care services, is the reason why the Ziba Beauty Studio was founded in the first place. By visiting the Montebello Studio, you can sign  up for amazing services such as eyebrow threading and shaping. You also get served by professional and experienced eyebrow specialists who are not afraid to go the extra mile in helping you achieve the brows you want. Ziba Beauty Eyebrow Threading Salon
      What Ziba Beauty Promises You:

      • Professionals Service: Nothing beats the art of professionalism. Whether you are here for eyebrow threading, eyebrow shaping or body waxing, you will meet a team of professionals who will work on your face and advise you accordingly.


      • The Best Eyebrow Tips: The Ziba Team provides a lot of helpful resources, including guides on how to maintain the best eyebrows. From the videos provided on the website and on Ziba’s YouTube Channel, you can watch and learn how eyebrow threading is performed and how to apply eyebrow products. 

      Ziba Beauty Eyebrow Threading Place

Whether you are visiting the Shops at Montebello to have your eyebrows shaped, to enjoy your favorite treat or to shop – one thing is for sure – you get access to a variety of awesome services! What are your favorite things to do in the Montebello area? Let us know in the comments.
Take Care,
Ziba Beauty x