Two Minute History of Threading

Two Minute History of Threading

Just a few years ago, threading was a mystery to most of America. Using cotton thread to shape your eyebrows? That sounded crazy. The Western world chose tweezers, wax and even razors to create shapes (and gaps) that make any eyebrow threading artist shudder. Then, along came Ziba Beauty.

Back in the 1980s, in a small corner of California, Ziba Beauty was one of the first to start an American eyebrow revolution. Our humble beginnings, in a tiny salon, quickly taught women from all backgrounds that threading was the best and most effective way to create beautiful, neat eyebrows.

Now, fortunately, threading has made its way to the Western world and become a technique lots of women and men have happily incorporated into their regular beauty regime. It is widely recognized as one of the quickest and most precise ways to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows!

So this is your two-minute guide to the History of Threading. Something we believe is an Ancient Eastern Art form and should only be performed by experts.

Whilst there is no precise date marking the start of threading, it is believed that this practice is up to 6,000 years old. Originating from eastern cultures in India and Iran, threading was a way for women to remove unwanted hairs and create immaculate eyebrow shapes. It is also thought that Chinese women preferred threading, to any other form of hair removal.

The Art Of Threading has been part of age-old traditions and rites of passage. For example, in Persia, it was thought that eyebrow threading marked a woman’s path into adulthood. A young woman had her eyebrows threaded just before she got married to signify her new wifely status. In other parts of eastern culture, it is said that the shaped-brow marked a sign of female virility.

Threading was thought to be an affordable luxury and practitioners used cotton thread, looped and twisted, to create the perfect brow shape. But despite the ease and availability of cotton thread, don’t be fooled into thinking anyone can thread your eyebrows. It takes both training and skill to create a precise arch or beautiful curve.

The Ziba Beauty Artists are all trained in a 9-step protocol called ‘Our Promise’. This method has been perfected over the years and is the foundation of Ziba Beauty’s Art of Threading. We believe that every client’s brow should be suited to his/her face and eye shape and we will help guide you to the right look.

Eyebrow threading is not just about fashion: it’s where naturally beautiful brows begin and Ziba Beauty will help you achieve just that.