What Determines Your Eyebrow Shape?

What Determines Your Eyebrow Shape?
Sometimes what you want from your eyebrows isn’t something you can get. And that has very little to do with who is doing your eyebrows, using which technique and more to do with the characteristics of your eyebrows. Do you know the characteristics of your brows? In order to get your optimum eyebrow shape, you should be able to tell your Brow Artist what you want. Although they are experts in determining your brow design, it’s comforting to be able to recognize it yourself and know that you’re in good hands when you and your Ziba Artist come to the same conclusions.

A single eyebrow can be broken down into 6 different elements which help determine where the best placement for each brow is, in order to keep the symmetry of the face. So what are the elements?

#1 The Beginning Point

This is based on the inner corner of your eye. You can assess where the beginning of your brow should be, by holding a ruler vertically at the inner corner of the eye. The beginning point of the eyebrow is the point at which the ruler intersects the line of the eyebrow. If you have a gap within the vertical line, this tells you where you need to let your hair grow back or, where you need to fill-in your brow. If the brow hair goes past the vertical line and towards the center of your forehead, that’s the hair you need to have removed during your next threading appointment. Simple, right?

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#2 The High Point

The High Point of the eyebrow, also known as the Arch, is where the highest part of your brow is. Sometimes however, due to eyebrow mishaps, our natural arch has been removed or messed with and therefore it can be difficult to place where the High Point is. A good way to recognize the High Point is by looking straight ahead and holding a ruler at the outside of your nostril, diagonally to where it crosses the outer edge of your Iris (see image below). The place where the ruler intersects the top of the eyebrow, is where your High Point should be – if it isn’t, you know what you and your Brow Artist need to work on! P.S. This does not mean your brow has to have a sharp arch or angle – this point tells you the maximum natural height your brow can achieve.

#3 The End Point

The ending point of your brow is important in keeping the balance of your face and rarely needs to be changed. To check on your end point, all you have to do is hold a ruler diagonally from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye and let it extend towards the eyebrow. The place where the ruler intersects the brow, is the end point of your brow. Knowing this point is important because it prevents the removal of any hair that can shorten your brow and affect the natural symmetry of your face.

Ziba Beauty Eyebrow Threading Salon

#4 The Arched or Round Brow

Knowing the shape of your face is only ever a plus when it comes to your brows – if you’re not sure about your shape, ask your Ziba Brow Artist! They’ve been expertly trained to help you assess your face shape. Once you know your face shape, you can easily figure out what brow shape compliments your face the best. For example, a sharp, angular face shape calls for a more rounded brow to balance out all the facial elements and soften some of your features. Vice versa, a round or oval face shape works best with a sharper, arched brow to bring back dimension to the face.

Ziba Beauty Eyebrow Threading Salon Face Shapes

#5 The Eyebrow Length

The optimum length of your eyebrow comes from two of the characteristic we discussed above! Measure the distance from The Beginning Point to The End Point you identified and the distance is the ideal length of your eyebrow. This measurement is the easiest to check if you’re ever feeling like your eyebrows look “off” and can help to avoid having a brow that’s too long or too short.

#6 The Open or Closed End Point

To determine if the end of your brow is open or closed, hold a ruler horizontally from the bottom of the beginning point and straight out. If the end of your eyebrow is above the horizontal line, then you have an open ended point. An open ended point gives the illusion of lengthening to the middle part of the face and lifts the top part of the face – which round face shapes will benefit from. If the end of the eyebrow is touching the imaginary horizontal line (ruler) then you have a closed end point. This point does not create any illusions and is the most common ending type!


Those are the 6 elements contributing to your eyebrow shape and style! If you’re not sure about any of the elements or want to check you’ve made the right assessments – just ask your Ziba Brow Artist! Also, knowing these elements can help anyone who has trouble filling-in their brows significantly because you now know all the points and ends of your ideal brow!!  
Ziba Beauty also provides a service that can help you understand everything from your face shape to your brow shape called The Brow Fit! Ask one of our friendly front-desk staff about it the next time you’re checking into your Ziba Studio 🙂
Take Care,
Ziba Beauty x


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