The eyes are the windows to our souls. We express our emotion, our deepest thoughts and our dreams through these lenses of life.  The eyes of a person are said to be all revealing. From a person’s health condition, to his/her intention, right down to their personality and nature – the shape of the eyes can give hints into the person.

So what do your eyes say about you?

Step 1 – get to a mirror.  Look at your eyes in relation to your face, and also look closely at the shape of the eye.
Step 2 – read on to find out what your eyes are saying about you!

Large Eyes

You are very open and receptive to emotions and information. Passion and warmth characterize your personality, making you a great friend.  You tend to be trusting and in awe of the world around you.  Take care though, your wide-open approach can make you vulnerable and easy to manipulate. Advice?  Don’t change a thing, just keep your big, beautiful eyes peeled for unsavory types!

Small Eyes

Focused and determined, you are known for your wit and intelligence.  You enjoy the fine print and details, and often immerse yourself in activities that quickly gain you expertise.   You are a great thinker, and often wary of strangers which makes you appear aloof and uninterested.   Advice?  Keep your sharp mind sharp, but soften your approach when it comes to meeting new people.

Almond Shape Eyes

Considered the ideal eye shape due to their pretty curvature and exotic appearance, almond eyes are full of observation, gazing with intent and taking in the details of the moment.  As you are so aware, you are able to keep cool in the most stressful situations, and tend to have a good sense of balance and command.  As an observer, you may not be the most effervescent personality when it comes to emotion, but you are genuine and warm once you get know someone.  Advice?  Laugh more!  Rather than watching the moment, learn to live it!

Round Shape Eyes

Imaginative and creative, you are often lost in thought in your own little, but very beautiful world.  idealistic and full of wonder, you are charming and entrancing.   However, you are also easily touched by emotion, which can come across to others as moody and sensitive – especially when you speak as freely as you feel.  Advice?  Hold tight to your charm or imagination, and try to think before you speak – what your eyes see is not always what the lips should say.

Close Set Eyes

Rooted in a respect for old traditions, customs, culture and heritage, history and family fascinate you equally.   You tend to be very focused and committed as a person, both to the customs passed down from generation to generation, as well as the routine’s of a normal day.  With such a love of the past, and handle on the current, you are successful, but can become stressed by the small stuff, especially when it takes you out of your routine.  Advice?  Go with the flow.  You’ll find an easy-going approach will bring others closer to the things you find most important in life’s current moment, and to the memories and traditions you hold dearest in your heart.

Wide Set Eyes