Why Far East Traditions Are Gaining Popularity?

Why Far East Traditions Are Gaining Popularity?

The foundation of American traditions is a mixture of customs and cultures from across the world, items picked here and there like a cultural buffet. Just like global food trends, Far East beauty traditions are woven into the very fabric of the average American community. American fashion and beauty magazines often discuss ways to achieve the perfect eyebrow arch. 

Many don’t know the classically shaped brow and the lining of the eyes with eyeliner originated in the Far East. Many wonder how Far East beauty traditions seem to blend so effortlessly into the West’s most prized beauty practices. We have stars such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Naomi Campbell to thank. 

These celebrities have really taken to Eastern beauty, requesting Ziba Beauty to apply intricate Art of Mehndi® designs on the hands, arms, and feet to be featured in their music videos or media appearances. Since then, the beauty customs of the Far East couldn’t help but to leave its mark on the beauty industry, making eyebrow threading and mehndi among the nation’s hottest beauty trends.

Ziba Beauty Customer Review: Barbara Burns of Chino, Calif.

Chino resident prefers exclusivity of threading studio over mall kiosk Barbara Burns prefers a neatly-shaped brow. For years, she tried to tweeze her own, but she never got the look she was going for. 

Her close friend discouraged her from waxing, recounting a horror story about a dollop of hot wax that fell onto her eyelash and painfully removing the hair. Three years ago, another friend suggested she try the easy, fast and pain-free threading at Ziba Beauty. She made an appointment. 

Since then, she’s been back twice a month, every month. “You get the feeling that they really care about you here,” Burns says from the Rancho Cucamonga Ziba Beauty studio, about 12 miles from her home in Chino. She likes the studio’s cleanliness; the precise work by her favorite beauty artist, Pinky Kaur; and the privacy, something she can’t get at a mall kiosk. “I don’t like the idea of people watching me get my eyebrows threaded,” she says. “This is a more secure, settled environment. You can tell the people at Ziba Beauty know what works.” 

She enjoys the services so much, she can’t help but rave about Ziba Beauty to her friends and family members. One of her male cousins, who lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., begs her to take him to Ziba Beauty whenever he visits: “He always says, ‘Hey, let’s go to that eyebrow place before we do anything else.’” 

Ziba Beauty Customer Review: Ernesto Gomez

Father of two enjoys the clean look Ziba Beauty artists give his eyebrows If anyone asks, Ernesto Gomez’s frequent eyebrow threading trips weren’t initially his idea. It was his wife’s constant prodding that got him to go in the first place. But he continues to go by his own volition. 

“I like getting my eyebrows threaded because it gives me a clean look,” he said. Ernesto has been a regular Ziba Beauty customer for three years. He often comes with his entire family, taking up residence in his beauty artist’s chair right next to his wife. His two daughters are usually in tow, too, milling about their parents’ feet as they sit reclined, eyes closed, as the beauty artists work to remove unwanted hair. 

Gomez’s wife first asked her husband to get his eyebrows threaded because she thought it would go well with his favorite way to style his hair: the completely bald look. “My wife said it didn’t look right that I was bald, but had really bushy eyebrows. 

She told me I had to go get them done,” he says. “Like most first-timers, Gomez was nervous. When he started getting his eyebrows threaded, it wasn’t a common thing for guys to do. Now, it’s a part of his monthly routine and he thinks other men should include the practice in their routines as well. “What’s my favorite part about Ziba? I can’t name just one thing. Everything,” he said. 

Ziba Beauty Customer Review: Shon James Gets ‘Nilofered’ 

At Ziba Beauty Artesia location, customers flock to have beauty artist Nilofer Chariwala shape their eyebrows When Shon James enters Ziba Beauty’s Artesia location twice a month, she trusts she’ll leave looking spectacular — “Nilofered.” It’s a term Shon coined for the treatment she gets from Nilofer Chariwala, a Ziba Beauty artist who has shaped eyebrows there for more than 15 years. 

With nearly 22 years of threading experience, Nilofer has developed a loyal following of customers who won’t let anyone else touch their brows. Nilofer, soft-spoken yet confident in her work, says she’s won her fervent client base by making sure each customer is comfortable. “I ask them first what they want,” she says, “or they just trust me to do a good job with their eyebrows.” 

Shon first encountered Nilofer years ago through a friend who was one of Nilofer’s regular customers. “I saw my friend’s eyebrows and could not believe how great they looked,” Shon says. “I realized then that I just had to come to see Nilofer.” Soon, Shon’s family began visiting Nilofer regularly, too. “Getting my eyebrows threaded is a little bit uncomfortable but not at all painful,” Shon says. “I would definitely recommend it to anyone.” Shon settles into the chair, relaxing, closing her eyes, and saying little. 

Nilofer rapidly and rhythmically removes each hair with a twist and pull of the cotton thread and finishes Shon’s look by clipping a few stray hairs with her scissors. The process lasted less than 10 minutes. “I love them,” Shon says. She swings her head left and right, admiring her reflection in the handheld mirror Chariwala holds. She drops a couple of dollar bills in Chariwala’s tip jar and strides out of the store, happy and Nilofered once more.

Ziba Beauty Customer Review: Angelina Achak

Mom finds peace at the eyebrow threading studio, makes threading a part of family budget The most important features on Angelina Achak’s face are her eyebrows. “They’re super important,” she says. “It’s so funny, I was telling my husband that I feel all messy without my eyebrows done.” Achak has been a Ziba Beauty client for nearly seven years. 

Before, Achak had her brows waxed, but she suffered from breakouts and was looking for a gentler option. A friend from work told her about threading and recommended Ziba Beauty. “Waxing was so awful,” she says. “I’m never switching from threading again.” She visits Ziba two to three times a month to have her favorite beauty artists, Diviya and Issrine, thread her brows. “I told my husband that it was necessary that Ziba be a part of our family budget,” she says. “It’s under the health and beauty category.” 

Achak can’t spend too much time on her beauty routine. The busy mother of two daughters, a 1 ½ year old and 4 ½ year old, Achak wakes up at 6 a.m., quickly brushes on mineral powder foundation, applies mascara, and begins her day as both a mother and retirement fund consultant. 

Sometimes, the 10 minutes she spends at Ziba is her only relaxation. “It’s nice to just sit here quietly with my eyes closed,” she says. Other times, her older daughter is in tow. “Sometimes I don’t have a choice and I have to bring my daughter,” she says. “When I bring her, the women make it so easy on me. Everyone here is so nice and they play with her.” 

Achak has converted three cousins, her sister-in-law, and seven co-workers to the Ziba Beauty way. “I have a threading place right around the corner from my house, and I won’t even go there,” she says. “I don’t let anyone touch my brows except Ziba.” 

Ziba Beauty Customer Review: Kim Buckner

Mother of two enjoys Ziba’s state-of-the-art facility and the precision of the beauty artists. A tiny scar located under Kim Buckner’s left eyebrow will forever remind her of a painful waxing experience. “The lady tore my skin with the hot wax,” she recalls, wincing. 

Kim doesn’t have a complicated beauty regimen, she simply drinks lots of water and pressed powder to even her skin’s appearance. One thing, however, is essential: Her eyebrows must always be neatly shaped. 

And the procedure cannot be painful. “The eyebrows just enhance the face so much,” she says. A friend introduced Kim to Ziba Beauty three years ago. “Her eyebrows were just gorgeous,” she says. “I asked her where she got them done and went to the studio as soon as possible … 

Everything is so state-of-the-art. Every worker here is so friendly to everyone who comes through the door.” Kim’s a regular now, visiting Ziba every month or two. She trusts her brows to her favorite beauty artist, Pinky. “She’s consistent and shapes my eyebrows exactly the way I want every single time,” she says. 

The mother of two remembers a particularly busy time during the winter holiday season at the Rancho Cucamonga location. She waited 20 minutes for Pinky to finish with another client, an unusually long wait for her. “It was packed. But, honey, it was so worth the wait,” she says. “Threading is it. Threading is where it’s at.”



All of our 14 studios, which closed on March 13th, will remain closed until further notice. We are a 33-year-old-run small business, and our Ziba team and community are always the leading factors in our company-wide initiatives.

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