Brows frame the face and the eyes, making them a major focus in beauty.
A well groomed brow will compliment your face shape, open the eye area and give a clean, well kept appearance.
Though there are many methods available to shape brows, the ancient art form of threading remains the best for brows.

What is Threading?

Threading is a technique that uses cotton thread to remove hair from the follicle.  The thread is twisted using a centuries old technique.  When the artist moves the twists along the thread line, the twists catch and pull hair from the follicle.  Because the artist is using thread vs a fabric cloth with wax as an example, she has complete control and visibility of the area targeted for hair removal, allowing her to remove a single hair, or a line of hair with amazing precision.

Why Threading?

1.  Threading is the most precise form of hair removal, the BEST method for shaping brows
2.  Threading is gentle, making it ideal for sensitive skin
3.  You can remove hair the moment new growth is visible, so brows can be kept very clean and well groomed
The most common feedback clients give about Threading over other hair removal techniques:
1.  Not as painful as waxing
2.  Hair grows back softer and thinner
3.  Service is fast
4.  No oily residue or break outs
5.  Results last a long time
6.  Gives a more natural shape
7.  Threading removes new growth immediately, do not need to let hair grow back to a certain length